Monday, 2 July 2007

Serena Williams

In celebration of her outstanding victory over Hantuchova in the fourth round at Wimbledon today, while struggling with agonising cramps in her calf muscle, the first woman who rocks my world is Serena Williams.

I wouldn't want this to be miscontrued as a simple lecherous post. I respect Serena for many things, her determination, her drive, her power, her personality. But her physical appearance is one of the many reasons that she rocks my little world. Serena has a phenomenal body: exceptionally strong and powerful with hyperreal comic-book curves.

As I've previously said, I find something irresistibly attractive in the combination of masculinity and femininity. This is distinct from androgyny, which tends to reduce both 'male' and 'female' attributes to a sort of neutral, not especially sexed middle ground. What I like is someone in whom both are strongly pronounced. Like, for example, Antonio Banderas with long hair, Serena Williams combines ultra-femininity with powerful masculinity. To spectacular effect.

Her personality also shows through in the amazing costumes she wears. So many tennis players are unremarkable. But even the pretty ones, like the ranks of cloned Eastern European blondes, can't compete with someone who turns up to play world-class tennis in outfits like this:

And that last outfit is very intriguing indeed...

Monday, 25 June 2007

New Procrastination Device

Seems like I've temporarily lost inspiration when it comes to men with long hair, and I've thought it needed a companion for a long time. So this is my new blog where I can ramble about the women who rock my world.

Thinking of likely candidates to post about, I notice a few themes immediately. The women who rock my world are likely to be intelligent, talented, sexy, perverse, articulate, idiosyncratic, and slightly fucked-up.